Cauliflower Cream with Smoked Salmon Caviar

Ingredients :
For 6 guests:
400 gr of cooked cauliflower
30 cl of dairy cream
15 gr of powdered gelatin
60 gr of smoked salmon eggs
salt, freshly ground pepper

Direction :
Set aside 6 tiny cauliflower tops.
Mix the gelatin with the cream and put it on slow heat while mixing. Put the cream in a blender, add the cauliflower and som salt and pepper and blend for 1 min.
Important: Pour the warm mixture halfway into nice looking glasses or smal bowls and leave these in the regfrigerator for 2 hours. Next, decorate placing some smoked salmon eggs in the middle of each cauliflower cream and some tiny cauliflower tops on the edges of each glass. Sprinkle with some dill.

PS: one of our greatest French cooks had the brilliant idea of combining the taste of the cauliflower with that of caviar. It is simply delicious. You may substitute the salmon eggs with these small black coloured eggs…

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